Being the meanderings of a group of Retired Aircraft Engineers in the surroundings of the Chequers Club. Topical comments on the latest news, national and local.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Madrid calling... prior to trip to Moscow

Hi all,

When you sat on your backsides enjoying your Friday Pint, think of me on my fat backside enduring a 5Hr flight between Madrid and Moscow! Red Square, here I come! do you think they are ready for a Lancashire "Red Rose"

Where/How is the Yorkshire "White Rose" true tory blue; Barnes W?

Just to let you know, that if you never hear from me again it's probably because I have been locked away in a Siberian prison for flirting with the natives. Wish me luck, meeting Nat for a romantic weekend, will both be back in Sunny Madrid on Monday evening. God willing ;-)

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Let's get Barnes in now!!

Come on Barnes- return the invite like Roy did and join the Virtual Chequers environment!!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Another Friday in the Chequers

Yes it was a good meeting, although many of the regulars were not available, Barnes.s being on a romantic weekend, in Ripon, with his wife and rabbits.
Richard friend the gorgeous Nina and her dog ( name?) were also not in.
Anyway the world was put to right and we were set up for a good weekend.
I mention to Dave that I still find it strange that Richards bests best mate Des is no longer comes in, Im sure he with us in spirit.
Dave Beetham's snooker group, minus Dave B, were in trying to play snooker, their skills level bearing no resemblance to the skills on television. (world championship).
All for now until next meeting.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Friday 21st April 2006

This site has been created in response to Mike L who is in Spain and wanted to experience the atmosphere of the Chequers Club and in particular partake in the meanderings of Dave (me) and Roy and Richard (Barnes).
Barnes couldn't be with us this week as he had a rabbit show to attend. Roy kindly picked me up and dropped me off at the Chequers at 11.30am. Only thing is - is that it doesn't open until 12 noon. Nina's Husband was painting the flower tubs and making a good job of it!
Not a lot to report this week really except everybody's concerned about the Pension Scheme, but Roy seemed to know a fair bit. Evidently if you retire at 60 instead of 62 you lose 4 per cent of your pension each year ( that's 8 per cent in all - you can see why I'm an Engineer can't you!?)
Roy was commenting on a guy he knew who was retiring and said " You know he's so laid back he's almost Vertical!" I nearly choked on my pint of Miller. This is a typical Royism - By the way , The Queen Mum's dead Roy!! More later.